Cordyceps Mycelia CS-4

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Kidney’s Weakness? It’s an alert to your health!

Kidney is the fundamental of the body based on Chinese medical theories. The organ is responsible for nourishing your body and maintaining the body’s physiological balance. If your kidney is “weak”, your body is probably unhealthy! Let’s see if your kidney is weak

Symptoms of Weak Kidney 

Look Pale   Get tired easily       Apathetic     Cold hands and feet
Dizziness     Frequent illnesses   Insomnia      Frequent nightmare
Forgetfulness     Gray Hair    Hair Loss     Back rheumatic pain
Gasp for breath Cough

It is a very common health problem for city dwellers. It influences the quality of life for many people badly. So, if you have such symptoms, it’s an alert to your health. Be good to yourself & here we have a choice for you!

NHT Global’s Unique Formula – Cordyceps Mycelia CS-4

NHT Global Herbal – Cordyceps Mycelia CS-4 is NHT Global’s newest unique formula. In addition to the high content of Cordyceps Mycelia, Agaricus Blazei is added in order to enhance its functions. This product is manufactured by the GMP certified factory located in Hong Kong which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Cordyceps has been considered as precious Chinese herbal for over hundreds of years. It contains unique adenosine & polysaccharides, together with 18 kinds of essential amino acids, various types of trace elements, vitamins and enzyme. It is great for the conditions of the lung and kidney’s deficiency, and replenishing “qi” for people who have weak constitution or just recovered from heavy illnesses.

Agaricus Blazei is very rich in amino acids and various nutrients. Japanese considered it as “Precious Mushroom” because of its miracle functions. The content of unsaturated fatty acid (linoleic acid) in the Agaricus Blazei is very high. Also, our product is easy to be absorbed with its rich content of polysaccharide.

Excellent Academic Background & Made in Hong Kong

The manufacturer of our Cordyceps Mycelia CS-4, Hong Kong institute of Biotechnology Ltd (HKIB), is wholly owned by The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Located at the Science Park, HKIB has been developing various Chinese herbal products with a high scientific standard. It is also the first factory to acquire “Good Manufacturing Practice in respect of Proprietary Chinese Medicines” issued by the Department of Health of Hong Kong. Quality and safety are assured!

Key Ingredients

Cordyceps Mycelia CS-4, Agaricus Blazei Extract

Key Benefits

  • Improve sleeping quality and reduce fatigue
  • Enhance immunity & constitution
  • Enhance the health & relieve illnesses of respiratory system
  • Improve blood circulation, promote heart and cardiovascular health
  • Anti-aging against free radicals

Suggested Use

  • Take 2 capsules in the morning & 1 capsule at night each day. Serve with a glass of warm water for better absorption.


  • Keep out of reach from children
  • If you are pregnant, lactating, or currently under medical supervision, please consult physician before using
  • if you are allergic to the product, please stop using it and consult physician immediately